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Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito Misting Systems and Control Dallas.

Are Mosquitoes taking over your yard? Fight back with Mister Mosquito and Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control. Mosquito misting systems take the bite out of Mosquitoes and put the fun back into outside activities. When the sun goes down, so do mosquitoes with the Mister Mosquito misting system. No more having to go inside after dark or constantly swatting out mosquitoes. Mister Mosquito Misting Systems are practical, economical and well worth the investment. Best of all, the Mister Mosquito Misting System by Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control is fully guaranteed! If you are not satisfied within 30 days of installation, we will remove the system and cheerfully refund your money.

The Mister Mosquito System manufactured for Dallas Fort Worth Pest Control by MistAway, was developed in response to the rapidly rising West Nile Virus threat in the North Texas area. This system is state of the art with a completely digital timer, high grade stainless steel nozzles, and customizable to just about any application imaginable. If Mosquitoes are a threat to you, your family, customers, clients, etc, then you need to consider the Mister Mosquito System.

How Does Mister Mosquito Misting System Work ?
Mister Mosquito works by applying a light mist over an area in less than 30 seconds using a mosquito killing insecticide to kill airborne insects and to create a barrier that repels others. Precision high pressure stainless nozzles connected by high pressure nylon or copper tubing are installed on the outer eaves of your home and along your fence line. The Mister Mosquito System utilizes a holding reservoir that not only stores the pyrethrum or insecticide mix, but also regulates its release with an easy to use digital timer and high pressure pump. The misting nozzles are constructed of high quality brass and stainless steel that will last many years. Placed every 10-15 feet along the fence and eaves of your home, the Mister Mosquito System through an automated timer mists your backyard with natural pyrethrum in less than 30 seconds 2 or more times per day. The natural pyrethrum kills all flying insects such as Mosquitoes, Wasps, Bees, Flies, Gnats, even Spiders, Roaches and Ants !

MistAway Mosquito Control Systems

MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon System w/ Cover
MistAway Gen 1.3 55 Gallon Control Unit

Mister Mosquito Advantages:

  • *Fully Digital System – Counts mist cycles and remote cycles
  • *Battery Backup – No missed cycles due to power outage
  • *Positive Pressure No Drip System – no dripping nozzles
  • *Pocket Remote – misting on demand or just before you go outside
  • *Pyrethrum Agitation Device – no more pyrethrum separation
  • *Water resistant Cover – Protects timer and pump from weather
  • *Multiple Size Reservoirs – 25, 30, 55, 125, and 250 gallon reservoir sizes available
  • *Pro Quality Pump – 1/2 hp
  • *Pro Quality Stainless Fittings
  • *Pro Quality High Pressure Polyvinyl and Copper Tubing
  • *Stainless Steel Hago Misting Nozzles w/ built in Filter and Check Valve
  • *All Copper Risers w/adjustable directional tip – no plastic or pvc pipe
  • *Money Back Guarantee


Is Mister Mosquito Easy To Operate ?
Yes, all you do is set the timer, like you would for a lawn sprinkler system and at the designated time, a light bio-degradable pyrethrum mist is released into the air. This process eliminates annoying mosquitoes and biting insects. Our technicians will custom design a Mister Mosquito System to meet the individual needs of your residence or business. We will professionally install the system around the perimeter of your home or yard.


What Is Pyrethrum ?
Pyrethrum is an insecticide extracted from African and Australian chrysanthemum flowers. It is one of the few insecticides that insects cannot build a resistance to. On the EPA Green List, pyrethrum ranks near the bottom of the toxicity scale. When mixed with water, it is clear, non-staining and does not leave a residue. Pyrethrum has been used for centuries and is regularly used in Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes as well as Meat and Dairy Packing Plants, etc, to control flying and crawling insects. Pyrethrum kills insects on contact within seconds. It also creates a natural barrier that repels insects

How Much Does It Cost ?
The Mister Mosquito System is professionally installed by a trained licensed pest control professional. Each installation is fully customized to achieve a 10 – 15 foot spacing for misting nozzles with no more than a 25 foot open spacing between rows.

The average Mister Mosquito installation: (required by a trained crew – 4-5 hours)

  • 1 – Main unit with 55 gallon holding tank/pump/digital timer
  • 1- 2×2 cement tank pad (to keep tank level)
  • 1- Remote Control Transmitter
  • 1- Water resistant cover
  • 25 – Pro quality drip-free misting nozzles
  • 25 – Colored polyvinyl circuit tubing – 5 colors
  • High Pressure pressure polyvinyl tubing
  • 1 – Gallon Pyrethrum Concentrate

Available Options Include:

  • 55 Gallon Drum or Compact Tankless
  • iMist Connectivity through the Internet
  • Ground risers for open areas
  • Nozzles mounted to tree for additional coverage

The average Installed Cost for a 25 nozzle system is only $2495.00


Our professionally trained Mosquito Installation Expert will measure your yard and eaves to determine the exact linear footage required to properly install the Mister system. If your yard and eaves are 250 linear feet, then the installation will require 25 nozzles along with the holding tank, timer and pump. 1 misting nozzle placed every 10 -15 linear feet will provide the best coverage. Over 25 nozzles approximately $25 each installed.

This price is all inclusive for a 25 nozzle system and includes – parts and installation, 1 gallon pyrethrum and full warranty. Other items such as additional misting nozzles, copper risers, tubing or special installations such as boring under sidewalks, etc, will add to the cost of the system.

*Money Back Guarantee**
Unlike Mosquito traps, repellents, and other gimmicks, the Mister Mosquito System kills airborne Mosquitoes on contact and creates a barrier to repel others. It’s easy to use and the maintenance free design means that as long as the Mister Mosquito System is plugged in and has pyrethrum, it is working to keep your yard Mosquito free. We also guarantee your complete and total satisfaction with the Mister Mosquito System unconditionally for 30 days. If you are not totally satisfied, we will remove the Mister Mosquito System and refund your money. It’s that simple. We think the Mister Mosquito System is the best Mosquito killing system on the market with the best guarantee – period.

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